Obituary and Exmortus Will Tour Together in Fall 2018


MS Mansion Monkey Esmerelda and MS “Shit That Comes Out Today” scribe Phil Boozeman must be kept apart at all costs. Esmerelda feels very strongly that old school death metal is the only death metal whereas Boozeman definitely favors the new, a fundamental disagreement which one time resulted in a bar-clearing brawl at Duff’s in Brooklyn. After that shameful and sad night in MS history, Esmerelda launched a “fire Phil Boozeman” campaign by seeding it in the MetalSucks comments section and, well, the thing caught on like wildfire. Seems a lot of other folks were mad at him too. Should we fire the guy? Is his defense of Oceano inexcusable?? Chime in below.

Lucky for Esmerelda, Obituary just announced a run of East Coast U.S. tour dates so she’ll be able to get her fix of old school DM while Boozeman stays relegated to the swampy (but admittedly BBQ-rich) barrens of suburban Missouri. Exmortus will support; not sure how either Esmerelda or Boozeman feel about them, to be honest, but I’m a fan! Too bad I don’t live in any of these cities.

Sez Obituary:

“We are super excited to announce the U.S. East Coast RedNeck Run II and are really looking forward to this. It would have been easy to set up shows in the typical cities and venues but we are not your typical band. We are looking for an adventure and something different so we have booked smaller towns and markets so the fans who don’t often have the chance to experience an OB SHOW get their chance!! We have never been to some of these cities so we are looking forward to invading them and throwing down with you guys!!

“…more details to come on ALL LEVELS of the OB-VIP EXPERIENCE, so hang tight and hang on to your ass because this could get crazy!!”


Sep 01 Carrboro, NC Cat’s Cradle
Sep 02 Asheville, NC The Orange Peel
Sep 04 Charleston, WV The Bakery
Sep 05 Baltimore, MD Baltimore Soundstage
Sep 06 Hartford, CT Webster Underground
Sep 07 Reading, PA Reverb
Sep 08 Albany, NY Upstate Concert Hall
Sep 09 Asbury Park, NJ House of Independents
Sep 11 Erie, PA Basement Transmissions
Sep 12 Toledo, OH Civic Music Hall
Sep 13 Indianapolis, IN Emerson Theater
Sep 14 Louisville, KY Trixie’s
Sep 15 Atlanta, GA Drunken Unicorn
Sep 16 Ocala, FL Grand Pointe

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