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Devin Townsend Provides Updates on Empath Album


When it rains Devin Townsend updates it pours Devin Townsend updates! Earlier today we got word that Heavy Devy has launched an online course that provides a window into his creative process with an eye towards improving your own (and there’s a free downloadable book acting as a teaser), and now The PRP has informed us that Devin has gone on a Twitter dump providing some updates on the first of many new projects currently in the works, entitled Empath.

We’ll embed all of Devin’s Twitter posts below, but here’s a quick synopsis of the new information therein:

  • tracking will begin in the UK in September, with sessions being handled by Nolly Getgood (Periphery, etc.)
  • Mike Keneally (Dethklok), Morgan Ågren (Kaipa, Casualties of Cool), Anup Sastry (ex-Skyharbor, Marty Friedman), Nathan Navarro, Sam “Samus” Paulicelli (Decrepit Birth), an orchestra and a women’s choir will all be involved
  • the music is “a collision of basically all I’ve done”
  • the theme of the album is this: “in a society where empathy is often viewed as a weakness, it’s about learning to feel what others do in order to have compassion.”
  • Devin has enough material for a double album but is trying to whittle it down to just one because he isn’t a fan of double albums
  • touring-wise, Devin plans to begin next year doing a “one-man show” around the time of album release
  • work/life balance is important for Devin so touring will be toned down, but big shows with “crazy production” are still a possibility at some point
  • the album is tentatively scheduled for a March release

All that sounds sounds pretty exciting, yeah?

Meanhwile Devin is also working on a new Ziltoid album and mobile app as well as another Casualties of Cool album, and who knows what else. 2019 and beyond are going to be very rewarding years for his fans.

More updates as we get them, of course.

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