Mantar’s New Track “Taurus” Soothes the Savage Beasts


MS Mansion Monkey Higgins and his elder compadre Abe, the mail room ape, got into a little tiff last night after hours. Abe wanted to watch the MTV Video Music Awards (why is anyone’s guess) whereas Higgins was deadset on catching up on The Bachelorette since he’s a few episodes behind (again, I couldn’t tell you why… monkeys have weird taste in TV). Things escalated quickly to the point where if it’d gone any further we would’ve had to revoke both Higgins and Abe’s gourmet banana privileges, but thankfully Daisy stepped in and cranked Mantar’s new track “Taurus” to sooth both savage beasts. Sometimes it takes a woman’s touch, you know?

 The Modern Art of Setting Ablaze drops August 24 on Nuclear Blast. Pre-order it here, and tell ’em Daisy sent you.

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