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Iudicia is Your New Favorite Band

  • Axl Rosenberg

Iudicia is Your New Favorite Band

I don’t know who you think the best new band you’ve heard so far this year is, but whomever they are, if they aren’t Iudica, your assessment is incorrect.  This Christian metal band quintet consists of four children and man who looks to be about forty, and according to their bio, they have “thrilled audiences across Arkansas” since their inception in January of 2009.

And that’s probably all the enticement you need to get on board with this group, but just in case it isn’t, you should really check out this amazing interview with guitarist Hunter Hippy Bennett (I really hope “Hippy” is a nickname, not his actual middle name — it’s not clear from the interview). I’m assuming this was an e-mail interview that went unedited, because while the questions are more or less in English, the answers are written in ree-ree:

1) Did you ever wanted to be a guitarist?
1)yes guitar has always been an instrament I’ve wanted to play

2) What was it like having your first guitar?
2)having my first guitar was kinda funny i remember staning outside with my 12 watt amp turned up as loud as it could go and strumming it even though i had no clue how to play it.

3) Why did your band name yourselves, “IUDICIA”?
3)We named our band Iudicia because we are firm believers in god and loosley translated from latin Iudicia means second chance

4) Has your band played their first show yet?
4)Yes the band has been toghether for 4 years

5) Which band would you like to open for soon? (Any good band in particular)
5)I would love if we could open for memphis may fire those guys make awesome music and they have a positive message

6) What would you do if you were locked in a store-room at an abandoned house?
6)well I would try to get out of there or at least find something to eat cuz I’m a fat kid in training

7) Why should people check your band out?
7)People should check out our band because its our music we work hard to put it together. We love each and everyone who likes our page and check out our music and we’re always there to talk to anyone in need of help.

So I don’t how old that kids is, but I do know he’s old enough to know how to spell “instrument” correctly. I guess Jesus doesn’t teach a spelling class, though.

ANYWAY, I strongly encourage you to check out the band’s music video for the song “Apocalypse in D,” in which some dude buys their album at a sporting goods store, of all places, and then the band starts playing at that sporting goods store. I’ve never been to Arkansas — do they schedule a lot of rad metal shows at Modell’s in that state?

Thanks to Mike for the tip!

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