Groove Your Face Off With Uncured’s “Terminal”


Teenybopper brothers Zak and Rex Cox of Uncured have unleashed a new wave of technical progressive metal upon all of our unsuspecting ears — though they’re not yet even old enough for a beer, they’ve been able to fight their way through the hoardes of “up-and-coming” bands by establishing the an original sound right off the bat and creating something that’s actually worth listening to.

Uncured have released a new single “Terminal” that I’d assume is leading up to a new album, though there hasn’t been an official announcement for one yet. “Terminal” is essentially four minutes of unrelenting groove with layers of proggy shredding, approaching a crossover sound that lies somewhere in the uncharted territory between Machine Head and BTBAM. Goofy shit like “CLAP THOSE FUCKING HAAAANDS” serves as a reminder that these guys are just having fun; though they may in fact be virtuosos at their instruments, they’re not sanctimoniously screaming “hey, look at us, we are really good!” They’ve simply woven their personalities into their music and let their talent speak for itself, so give “Terminal” a listen below and stay tuned for a new record.

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