Rammstein are Close to Finishing Their Next Album


Rammstein have been in the studio since April slowly chipping away at their seventh album. According to a recent Facebook update they’re almost done, currently camped out in Minsk with an orchestra and choir for some typically Rammsteinian added bombast.

I’m not sure the extent to which a whole lot of people care THAT much about a new Rammstein album as long as it means the band will be hitting the touring circuit again. Rammstein live shows are pretty much the most incredible thing in the history of ever, satisfying everyone’s inner Beavis and Butt-Head with nonstop bombardments of pyro, fire (actual fire), acrobatics, giant penises and all manner of other over-the-top-ness imaginable. You’re probably not gonna ever catch any band saying, “Yeah, we don’t care about our albums, they’re just an excuse to raise awareness of and interest in our tours” — lots of effort goes into the music, of course, and I’m sure the dudes are proud of their work — but candidly I bet they’d concede something of that nature. They know where their bread is buttered.

So, anyhoo, Rammstein live dates soon coming atcha! And hopefully we’ll get a bangin’, stompin’, fist-pumping new single or two out of the deal in the process. There’s always this New Year’s Eve show on the beach in Mexico if you really need your Rammstein live fix ASAP.

[via Ultimate Guitar]

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