Enlarge Is Grohl's behavior over the top and a cry for help or just a reasonable part of his fun-loving personality? 

Dave Grohl’s Drinking Routine is “Really Disappointing” According to Musician Wellness Expert


“Musician Wellness Expert” is a job title? Perhaps I should consider a career chage.

Congrats are in order for Mike Schwartz, then, who surely just jumped several spots up on Google for anyone searching “musician wellness” by thrusting himself into the conversation surrounding Dave Grohl’s pre-show drinking routine, which made headlines last week.

As you likely guessed, Schwartz is not a fan of Grohl’s alcohol consumption habits, saying of his “former hero” that “my professional opinion is that Dave is dealing with a lot of pain” and that the recent interview was “a cry for help.” He continued that “we shouldn’t accept that this kind of behavior as cool,” before offering to Dave, “My heart goes out to you man.”

Schwartz penned an article on his own website in which he laid out his case:

“If it was you, you’d likely be fired. But for Dave Grohl, it’s just part of the gig. The music business is a strange environment. As a CHEK Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Nutrition Coach and Certified Personal Trainer, my role as the Trusted Authority of Musician Wellness means I work very hard to clean up the stigma of what it actually looks like to be a successful artist in this industry. It’s been my mission for nearly four years to educate, inspire and help other artists achieve a level of personal and professional development they thought only existed in a magical place like Narnia. I’m an artist myself: professionally touring, writing and recording as a drummer for the past decade, so I’m cut from the same cloth. I get it.

“However, Dave Grohl, one of my now former heroes and someone who I would consider a role model for young, developing artists has gone and thrown a grenade in the wardrobe. I thought something sounded fishy when a friend of mine posted on Facebook his disappointment about the Foos having to reschedule their show back home in Calgary last month because Dave was on vocal rest…hmm… makes sense now.

“Last week we were graced with Mr. Foo Fighter’s insight on how to succeed in the music industry. Ironically enough, I was speaking on the topic of Mental Health and Wellness in the Music Industry at the Folk Music Ontario Conferences in Mississauga, Ontario. I opened up my email and found an article in Alan Cross’ Newsletter that left me feeling sick to my stomach. On a recent radio interview for 95.5 KLOS, Dave gave us the dirt on his pre-show ritual with the Foos, but if you’re paying attention and reading between the lines, what we really got was a cry for help. My professional opinion is that Dave is dealing with a lot of pain. If you haven’t seen the video yet, the three minutes will blow you away. I read the transcript last week and I couldn’t believe it. I had to dive in deeper to see the interview for myself. What I watched was …well… really disappointing.”

Schwartz went on to outline “5 Surefire Ways To Kill Your Career, Ruin Relationships & Lose More Than Just Fans,” all concerning the effects hard partying can have on your body and mind. He finished by encouraging Grohl’s fans not to enable him by putting him up on a pedestal, and offered the rockstar some encouraging words. You can read the full article here.

What do you think: is Grohl’s behavior over the top and a cry for help or just a reasonable part of Grohl’s fun-loving personality?

[Alternative Nation via Ultimate Guitar]

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