Slipknot Announce All Hope is Gone 10th Anniversary Edition


With all the hooplah surrounding Threatin ’round these parts the last few days I’ve completely forgotten to check in on what Corey Taylor thinks. Naturally I asked him that very question on Twitter this morning, and naturally he did not respond.

There is also this: Slipknot have announced a 10th anniversary edition of their 2008 release All Hope is Gone.  A press release from Roadrunner Records tells us that the reissue will feature “newly reimagined artwork by the band’s own M. Shawn Crahan, remastered audio, and a bonus disc containing Slipknot’s landmark 2009 headline set from Madison Square Garden.”

The set will come out on December 7th and is available for pre-order here. All Hope is Gone is certified platinum in the U.S. and was the band’s first release to debut at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 chart.

Wonder what Corey Taylor thinks of this reissue?


Disc 1

1. .execute.
2. Gematria (The Killing Name)
3. Sulfur
4. Psychosocial
5. Dead Memories
6. Vendetta
7. Butcher’s Hook
8. Gehenna
9. This Cold Black
10. Wherein Lies Continue
11. Snuff
12. All Hope Is Gone

Disc 2 – Live At Madison Square Garden

1. (sic)
2. Eyeless
3. Wait and Bleed
4. Get This
5. Before I Forget
6. The Blister Exists
7. Dead Memories
8. Left Behind
9. Disasterpiece
10. Purity
11. Everything Ends
12. Psychosocial
13. Duality
14. People = Shit
15. Surfacing
16. Spit It Out

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