Current and Former Members of Rivers of Nihil, Wretched, and Alterbeast Launch Seinfeld-Themed Metal Band

  • Axl Rosenberg

Metal bands devoted to particular mediums within pop culture are nothing new, be it the so-called “cinegrind” of Graf Orlock or the video game-obsessed Powerglove. But it’s really only in the past few years that we’ve started to see metal bands concentrate on one single aspect of pop culture, like Okilly Dokilly, who pay homage to Ned Flanders from The Simpsons, and the Star Wars-obsessed Galactic Empire.

The latest addition to this second group of bands is Grindfeld, a grindcore band infatuated with — you guessed it! — Seinfeld (a press release says that the band is “For fans of: Death Metal, Coffee, Pirate Shirts, Hardcore, Grindcore, Wasting your life pouring over minutia of every single daily event,  stand up comedy,” and “Not for fans of: Kenny Bania, Nazis”). Unlike the aforementioned bands, though, Grindfeld feels like it may be able to transcend its cutesy gimmick. The band has something of an all-star line-up — including drummer Jared Klein (Rivers of Nihil), guitarist/bassist Joel Moore (Wretched), and vocalist Monte Barnard (ex-Alterbeast, The Kennedy Veil) — and their debut single, “The Contest” (a reference to this episode, if you somehow didn’t get that), is actually pretty good, regardless of its lyrical inspiration. Truth be told, you can’t really understand what the crap Barnard is screaming anyway, so if not for the name, you’d probably never put together that Grindfeld had anything to do Seinfeld.

Grindfeld will self-release their first EP, 5 Songs About Nothing, on November 23. You can check out “The Contest” below, and pre-order the album here. Other song titles include “The Soup Nazi,” “The Limousine,” “The Bizarro Jerry,” and “The Letter.”

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