Toontrack Releases Hardcore MIDI by Hatebreed Drummer Matt Byrne


As part of their annual Metal Month this November, Toontrack continues to release a plethora of products specifically tailored for metal recording engineers and enthusiasts. Toontrack announced another killer product this morning, Hardcore MIDI, a collection of drum MIDI grooves performed by Hatebreed drummer Matt Byrne:

“Not only inspired by his own band’s catalogue but a broad selection of pioneering songs, influential artists and notable drummers of the genre, Hatebreed drummer Matt Byrne delivers an uncompromising, full-on assault of relentless grooves spanning the whole range of the hardcore genre from then and now. Expect anything from the metal-tinged and devastatingly heavy to the alarming, crushing and aggressive onset of classic hardcore.”

Hardcore MIDI specs: 

• Drum grooves and fills inspired by hardcore and metal music
• Performed by Matt Byrne of Hatebreed
• 4/4 in straight and/or swing feel
• Approx. 320 individually played files
• Tempos ranging from 95 BPM to 185 BPM
• Song structure categorization in 8- and 16-bar variations (intro, verse, chorus, bridge, fills)

To find the product, audio demos, video and more head to Toontrack’s official website.

Other releases for Toontrack Metal Month so far this November include their newest drum expansion, Drums of Destruction EZX, an EZdrummer 2 and Superior Drummer 3 expansion pack that features sound samples captured by Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler and producer Josh Wilbur. Toontrack also released The Bob Rock EZmix 2 expansion pack, featuring 50 custom settings by the man who produced Metallica’s “Black Album” and records by Survivor, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, and many, many more.

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