Shit That Comes Out Today: November 16, 2018

  • Phil Boozeman

How about that motherfucking Threatin story, huh? Every single stone that gets turned over on this thing only makes it more bizarre, to the point where it turns out that I am actually good friends with Threatin’s brother, Scott. At this point, it wouldn’t surprise me if it turns out that all the music I’ve been listening to for my entire life is fake. MetalSucks is fake, Corey Taylor is fake, and even I’m probably fucking fake at this point too. So I guess this is it, everybody. Fake Phil Boozeman signing off. Permanently.

Shit That Comes Out Today: November 16, 2018
Art by Eliran Kantor

Heir To Despair (Candlelight/Spinefarm)
On a playlist with Ne Obliviscaris, Black Crown Initiate and Mandroid Echostart
Listen: “Homo Homini Lupus”

Heir to Despair is the 11th full-length album from Japan’s Sigh and holy fuck is it awesome. I should be flogged for not having listened to this band earlier since they’ve been around for 30 years now. Bad Boozeman. Axl loves this album, so in his words, “mastermind Mirai Kawashima and his collaborators haven’t run out ways to synthesize a vast and unusual array of styles into something truly singular. Heir to Despair marries evil death metal riffage with righteous NWOBHM harmonies and a siqq guitar solo with insane panning and classical and sitar and world music and classic rock and ragtime and electronica and experimental white noise, and that’s all just on the first song, ‘Aletheia.’ Elsewhere on the album, you’ll find power metal, black metal, dark synthwave, sea shanties, flute, lute, banjo, harpsichord, accordion, horns, taishōgoto, an orchestra, what I’m reasonably certain is a didgeridoo, and instruments I can’t even identify by sound.” You need to listen to this. Everyone needs to listen to this. Go fucking listen to this.

Shit That Comes Out Today: November 16, 2018Ryan Knight
Sunbelt Bliss (N/A)
On a playlist with Intervals, Jimi Hendrix and other general acid trip music
Listen: “Chica Funk”

I swear, The Black Dahlia Murder or a former band member make it in this column nearly every week. From the literal first second of this song, it’s obvious that Sunbelt Bliss is a complete departure from anything that Ryan Knight has done with Arsis or TBDM. In fact, the band that first came to mind was Intervals, specifically their album The Shape of Color. Leave your expectations at the door if you’re already familiar with Knight’s work because Sunbelt Bliss is more of an acid trip through a tropical paradise than it is a sacrifice to Satan.

Shit That Comes Out Today: November 16, 2018Deceased
Ghostly White (Hells Headbangers)
On a playlist with Carcass, Deicde and Kreator
Listen: “Germ of Distorted Lore”

Deceased are an awesome combination of what would happen if a melodic black metal band and a thrash band fucked. They’ve been around since the ’90s and are criminally underrated in my book. Unfortunately, right as this monster of an album is getting ready to drop, Deceased drummer David Castillo passed away. The cause of death is currently unknown, but David can rest knowing that he put on one hell of a performance behind the drum kit on Ghostly White. This album fucking rocks and you shouldn’t pass it up.

Shit That Comes Out Today: November 16, 2018Mayhem
Cursed In Eternity (Box Set) (Peaceville)
On a playlist with Venom, Celtic Frost and Bathory
Listen: “Cursed In Eternity”

There wasn’t a ton of actual new stuff that caught my interest this week so instead I’ll be writing about a rather cool box set from the legendary Mayhem. This box set includes six picture disc LPs, a 92 page book, posters, and  a DVD featuring the never seen before Jessheim and Sarpsborg live shows plus Henhouse rehearsals. This thing would make a great holiday gift for the kvlt friend in your life, assuming they aren’t busy being grumpy and burning down churches. For more details, check it out here. Also, I couldn’t find any good images of the box art so you guys get an inappropriately small picture of the entire set.

Shit That Comes Out Today: November 16, 2018Amon Amarth
The Pursuit Of Vikings: 25 Years In The Eye Of The Storm (Metal Blade)
On a playlist with
Listen: “Raise You Horns” (Live)

Dun dunanun dun dunanun dunanun dun dunanun dun dunanun dunanun. If that didn’t immediately turn into the riff from “Pursuit of Vikings” then you’re probably not an Amon Amarth fan. This release isn’t a box set like the Mayhem release above, but rather a documentary chronicling the history of the band over the past 25 years, as well as two live performances from Germany’s Summer Breeze festival in 2017. You read that correctly: Amon Amarth managed to play twice in one run at a festival. One of the DVDs features a set with all the theatrics from Amon Amarth that we have come to love, i.e. the flames, longboat and other quintessentially viking things. The other contains a smaller, more secret (Metal Blade’s words, not mine), small-scale set that focused on older songs for the longtime fans. If you know an Amon Amarth fanatic or you are one yourself, then this is something you will want to get into.

All Hail The Yeti Highway Crosses (Minus Head Records) listen
Artillery The Face Of Fear (Metal Blade Records) listen
Azusa Heavy Yoke (Solid State/Indie Recordings) listen
Baring Teeth Transitive Savagery (Translation Loss) listen
Chris Cornell Chris Cornell (UMe) listen
Chrome Division One Last Ride (Nuclear Blast) listen
King Nine Death Rattle (Closed Casket Activities) listen
Like Moths To Flames Dark Divine Reimagined (Rise Records) listen
Memphis May Fire Broken (Rise Records) listen
Mentor Cults, Crypts And Corpses (Pagan Records) listen
Nita Strauss Controlled Chaos (Sumerian) listen
P.O.D. Circles (Mascot Label Group) listen
Portrayal Of Guilt Let Pain Be Your Guide (Gilead/Holy Roar) listen
Skull Pit Skull Pit (Metal Blade) listen
Unwill Can’t Kill Me (Unwill) listen
Warkings Reborn (Napalm) listen

CKY Carver City (Vinyl) (Music On Vinyl) listen
Hoobastank The Reason (Vinyl) (Music On Vinyl) (lolololololololololololol) listen
Insomnium Above The Weeping World (Vinyl) (Spinefarm) listen
Insomnium Across The Dark (Vinyl) (Spinefarm) listen
Insomnium In The Halls Of Waiting (Vinyl) (Spinefarm) listen
Insomnium Since The Day It All Came Down (Vinyl) (Spinefarm) listen
Iron Maiden Iron Maiden (Remastered) (Sanctuary Records) listen
Iron Maiden Killers (Remastered) (Sanctuary Records) listen
Iron Maiden Piece Of Mind (Remastered) (Sanctuary Records) listen
Iron Maiden The Number Of The Beast (Remastered) (Sanctuary Records) listen
Iron Maiden The Number Of The Beast (Remastered) (Deluxe) (Sanctuary Records) listen
Primus Brown Album (Vinyl) (Interscope) listen
Primus Pork Soda (Vinyl) (Interscope) listen

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