This New Ghost Ship Octavius Song “Edge of Time” is the Sh*t


I’ve listened to the new Ghost Ship Octavius song four times now, and the best way I can come up with to describe it is that it sounds a lot like Nevermore. Drummer Van Williams used to play in that band, of course — joined here by ex-Himsa / ex-God Forbid guitarist Matt Wicklund and Ashes of Ares vocalist Adon Fanion — so the comparison isn’t that far fetched, but man, something about this song just channels the spirit of the late Warrel Dane in a big, big way. Scratch that, everything about this song does; its sense of melody, the big, haunting vocals, it’s overall aching sense of melancholy, the grandiose guitar work… it’s eerie, but it’s fantastic. I liked this band’s past work, which was way less Nevermore-ian sounding, and I like this.

Ghost Ship Octavius will release Delirium on February 22nd via Mighty Music; order here.

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