Here’s a Haunting New Whitechapel Song Called “Third Depth”


Now THIS is what I want from Whitechapel. Something different! We all know what their bread and butter is… but what else can they do?

“Third Depth,” their latest single, further delves into the more melancholy sound they started exploring on their last album Mark of the Blade. I won’t call it “mellow” because there are still some very heavy parts, but the song is slow, deliberate and dark, and it features some haunting clean vocals. It’s almost as if Whitechapel said to themselves “let’s give doom a shot,” but made it very much their own instead of just aping Sleep or Yob or whoever. It still sounds like Whitechapel, but it’s a side you haven’t heard before. What I’m saying is: it’s really good.

Brimstone” and “Black Bear” were released previously. Those and “Third Depth” all come from the band’s forthcoming album The Valley, which will come out March 29 on Metal Blade. It features drums by Navene Koperweis, currently of Entheos and formerly of Animals as Leaders. You can pre-order it here.

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