Video: In Flames’ “Only for the Weak” Covered on the Cello


As if the Swedish group wasn’t melodic enough already, a YouTuber performing under the name Celloshredder has decided to enchant our ears with a cello cover of In Flames’ “Only for the Weak.” Because who says the cello isn’t haaaaard?

Although the cover was made with an amateur setup and the help of a background track, I can’t help but feel entranced as this YouTuber jumps from chord to chord to mimic the guitar riffs. Can we compare him to the likes of Raphael Weinroth-Browne, who has been featured here before shredding on his cello to cover the likes of Lamb of God and Katatonia? Probably not. But I think we can safely say, it’s still a better display of talent than last night’s Super Bowl half-time show.

The recently published cover is a loving tribute to In Flames, whose recent single, “I Am Above,” reminds us that the Swedish group can still mix clean vocals and epic riffs to seduce the ears of metalheads all over.

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