This New Tesla Track Slaps!


When I clicked the link to listen to Tesla’s new song “Taste Like” I thought to myself, “Cool, I always liked that song ‘Push Comes to Shove.’” Then I Googled it, realized that was Jackyl, felt incredibly ashamed of myself for making such a rookie mistake, but went down the Jackyl rabbit hole anyway. Have you ever seen the video for “Push Comes to Shove?” It’s bizarre as fuck.

Anyhoo, Tesla: they’re about to release a new album called Shock, and they’ve just unveiled a single called “Taste Like.” And it totally slaps! It’s propelled by a bluesy, AC/DC-like riff, it’s got some cool rhythmic tapping reminiscent of EVH’s work in “Little Guitars,” and Jeff Keith’s lead vocals, as always, are gritty and soulful, the perfect match for the track’s slammin’ groove.

Rock it below via Loudwire. Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen produced and co-wrote Shock, which comes out on March 8th (pre-order here).

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