Immortal Guardian’s New Video Takes You on a High-Flying Cinematic Adventure


Triumphant. That’s the first word that came to mind when I first watched Immortal Guardian’s new video for “Stardust.” I wasn’t even seven seconds in when the intro had me throwing my Cheeto dust-covered fist into the air with exhilaration. Then those high screech, majestic, high-powered, Symphony X-esque vocals hit, and I was damn ready to flip everything in my room in a fit of mania.

The video is a mixture of an apocalyptic military live-action movie and a tragic telenovela, except with much better acting. It masterfully takes the viewer through a visually gripping story that will simultaneously have you head-banging to beautiful and uplifting melodies while going on a metal cinematic adventure. Giant bucket of ice cream in one hand, other hand free to fist pump recommended.

As an inhabitant of this band’s home state of Texas, I tip my cowgirl hat to you, Immortal Guardian.

You can order their newest full-length album, Age of Revolutionhere or here. Be sure to check out their remaining tour dates with ex-Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman here. Check out the riveting video to “Stardust” below.


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