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Asthma Castle’s Mount Crushmore Wins Award for Best Album Title, Gnarliest Riffs


I’ve damn near run out of creative ways to describe new metal tracks after 12 years of doing this. Or at least I think I have until I get inspired by the consistently genius-level writing on Instagram account Rigs of Dad and snarkily clever album titles like Mount Crushmore, the name of Asthma Castle’s latest. Just when I feel as if I’ve seen it all.

Asthma Castle feature drummer Adam Jarvis (Pig Destroyer, Misery Index, Scour) and Justin Ethem (touring guitarist for Integrity) among their ranks, but their music sounds nothing like that of either’s day job band: it’s big, burly stoner metal, but done up in a way you haven’t heard before. Sure, the giant-sized, fuzzed out riffs imply the album should come with rolling papers in the liner notes, but the frenetic drumming and technical guitar licks give the whole thing an amped up vibe, like those rolling papers should be laced with speed. Think Pepper-era Corrosion of Conformity but twice as fast, or Mastodon’s Remission with more major key ditties. You’re stoned and you’re sharp, a unique feeling indeed as anyone who’s ever mixed uppers and downers can attest to.

Check out the album’s title track below and new single “The Incline of Western Civilization” exclusively at Decibel. Other song titles on Mount Crushmore are just as amusing as the album’s name, which you’ll find out when it’s released on March 15th through Hellmistress. Pre-order it digitally or physically.

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