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Kirk Hammett Says Adam Jones Says Tool Are Working on Their New Album Artwork

  • Axl Rosenberg

Today in “It Looks like the New Tool Album Is Really Coming Out This Year”: Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett recently told The Rock (the New Zealand radio station, not Dwayne Johnson)…

“Well, I talked to Adam Jones quite a bit, you know, and the last thing I knew, he was dealing with artwork, so that’s great. If they’re finishing the artwork, it must be close.”

Thanks for the insight, Kirk!

Of course, Tool album art can sometimes be pretty complicated. I’m not saying that means it will take longer to complete than it does to finish other art. Actually, yes, that’s what I’m saying. Everything with this band takes longer than normal. Still, I think we can we expect a 2019 release for this thing. 2020, maybe. 2021, tops.

[via Metal Injection]

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