Fred Armisen Digs Dimmu Borgir


You might recall that last year actor Fred Armisen ran into Abysmal Dawn at the airport, chatted up the band and then came to see them perform in their mutual destination of Chile. You might also recall that Armisen’s show Portlandia had Glenn Danzig as a guest. He’s also a very talented drummer who released a Netflix comedy special solely about drumming last year (if you’re wondering how exactly a comedy special about drumming works, I suggest you watch — it’s excellent!).

But in case you were still in doubt of Armisen’s dedication to the dark arts, now there’s no question: Metal Injection picked up on a recent Facebook post in which Armisen shows off his newly obtained reissue copy of Dimmu Borgir’s 2005 album Death Cult Armageddon. He also told the site last year that some of favorite metal albums of late include releases by Immortal, Liturgy, Xasthur, Myrkur, Sumac and Deafheaven.

Maybe we can expect a comedy special devoted to metal in the near future? Satan knows there’s a crapload to poke fun at.

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