Dino Cazares Guests on Kaosis’ “Hitech – Lowlife” + New Fear Factory Album Non-Update


Of the seventeen musical projects Dino Cazares said he was working on last year in the absence of new Fear Factory, a collaboration with New Zealand industrial metal outfit Kaosis wasn’t one of them. But here it is anyway, a song called “Hitech – Lowlife” that features Cazares on both the track and in the music video. It’s a fun industrial ditty that’s a bit heavier on the modern electronic elements than FF, but fans of the latter should find it plenty enjoyable all the same. Check it out below, then we’ll move along to the Fear Factory stuff:

Onto new Fear Factory: almost exactly a year ago Dino said there was “no news” and unfortunately that still seems to be the case, except this time he used the more helpless phrases “I’ve got nothing” and “I have no information about that” in a new interview with Metal Command.

Meanwhile, Fear Factory vocalist Burton Seabell said in December that the band has a new album completely recorded and in the can, tentatively titled Monolith, but legal difficulties are holding up its release. Whether those legal issues are related to a spat with ex-bassist Christian Olde Wolbers we can only speculate.

Dino is also currently promoting his new band Die Klute, a collaboration with Die Krupps frontman Jürgen Engler and Leæther Strip’s Clas Larsen. Check out their single “It’s All in Vain” below.

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