Halestorm Share Rockin’ New B-Side “Chemicals”


I’ve seen many a metalhead over the years categorize Halestorm at typical red state radio butt rock, and that classification couldn’t be further from accurate. Sure, Halestorm run with that crowd, but that’s because it’s really the only place for a band that brings the rock n’ roll swagger of Guns N’ Roses and AC/DC to go in today’s modern rock climate. I urge you, elitist metal fan, to reconsider your assessment of this band: less Breaking Benjamin, more rock n’ roll!

The band’s just released a new single called “Chemicals,” an unreleased B-Side that appeared on a limited edition Record Store Day 7″ release. It’s rockin’, it’s catchy, the riffs are tasty, Lzzy Hale’s voice sounds absolutely phenomenal (as always)… what else could you ask for from a modern day rock band? Y’all just hatin’ for no reason. Did I mention that it rocks? I’ve said “rock” too many times in this article, but fuck it. Rock rock rock.

Halestorm’s latest album Vicious is out now and available here, although it doesn’t include “Chemicals” (it’s a B-Side, remember?).

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