Stream Spirit Adrift’s Genre-Bending New Album Divided By Darkness in Full Right Now


Everything these days is classified and put into a tidy box. Spirit Adrift are smashing that box with a hammer, flinging it across the room and then taking a torch blower to it by doing whatever the fuck they feel like.

The results of that genre-bending approach are apparent on Spirit Adrift’s newest album, Divided By Darkness, which delivers a high-flying, anthemic adventure that makes me feel like the lady on the album cover — bearing a torch and here to kick ass. During a Kerrang! interview, vocalist/guitarist Nate Garrett (who can also be seen shredding with Gatecreeper) speaks about the album and states:

“There are forces that want to divide and conquer the population. Divided By Darkness is about a lot of different things, but the main subject I’m trying to dissect is a problem that keeps arising throughout history — we allow ourselves to be driven by hatred and fear. We get confused about who the enemy is. We’re fighting each other when we should be bringing back the guillotine.”

Divided By Darkness is some of the band’s best work yet. Each song glides from old school doom to classic rock to traditional heavy metal in unexpected but welcome waves that leave me disoriented but feeling the need to play the album on repeat nonetheless.

The album is out tomorrow (May 10) via 2o Buck Spin, but you can listen to it now through the exclusive Kerrang! premiere. You can also pre-order the album here. Watch the lyric video for “Angel & Abyss” below.

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