Marilyn Manson to Guest Star on HBO’s The New Pope

  • Axl Rosenberg

Assuming you’re one the 2.8 trillion people who watched last night’s series finale of Game of Thrones, you may have seen, before the episode commenced, a promo for a buncha upcoming new HBO programs, with the slogan “We’re Just Getting Started” (which is code for “We’re Fucked, Please Don’t Cancel Your Subscription”). And one of the new shows featured was The New Pope, which is actually a new season of their show The Young Pope, only I guess they decided he’s not young anymore, but he’s still new. I dunno I’ve never seen it.

Anyway, the point is, HBO is making a show about popes, and one with classy actors like John Malkovich (Santabear’s High Flying Adventure) and Jude Law (Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow) no less. And yet, they’ve just cast the last person you would ever expect to appear on a show set in the world of devout Catholicism:

There’s no word on who Manson (above, right, leaning on the globe — I know, I thought it was the blonde, too, but it turns out that’s Sharon Stone) will be playing, but given the level of stunt casting, I have to assume he’ll be a cardinal or a priest or something like that. Anyone who already offended by The Young New Popes will now be absolutely livid, and devout Mansonites will watch because their Lord and Savior is trolling hard. It would be a total waste to cast him as a Satanist or just, like, some dude.

While we wait patiently for an air date to be announced, here’s Manson’s video for “Disposable Teens,” in which he dresses up like the Pope:

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