Two Titans of Metal Graphic Design Pass Away: Larry Carroll (Slayer) and Rosław Szaybo (Judas Priest)


Today just took a very sad turn: not one, but two of the most legendary artists-who-weren’t-musicians in metal history have passed away.

Rosław Szaybo, 85, designed both Judas Priest’s iconic logo and the covers for some of their most revered albums, including Killing Machine/Hell Bent for Leather and British Steel (in fact, that’s Szaybo’s hand holding the razor on the cover).

Priest released the following statement about Szaybo’s passing via Twitter:

“Our memories of Roslaw Szaybo are strong and he will always be remembered for his now legendary covers he created for Judas Priest as well as the Priest logo – our thoughts and condolences are with his family – love to Ros
“With many thanks
“Judas Priest”

Meanwhile, Larry Carroll, who created the covers for Slayer’s unholy trinity of Reign in BloodSouth of Heaven, and Seasons in the Abyss, as well the more recent Christ Illusion, was only 65. No cause of death has been reported, and Slayer haven’t released a statement as of this writing.

Both of these men obviously made incredible contributions to metal — probably the most significant contributions one could make without having actually been a member of Judas Priest or Slayer. Our condolences to both of their families and friends, who will hopefully take at least a modicum of comfort knowing they’ll live on through their work.

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