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Today in Corey Taylor News: Slipknot Is Reportedly Rihanna’s Favorite Band, and the Meaning of the Title We Are Not Your Kind Explained


A day without news regarding The Most Important Carbon Based Life-Form to Ever Grace the Planet™ is not a day worth living, now, is it? So let’s just dive right in…

Metal Injection reports that Tim Blanks (who?), a dude who is apparently a big deal in the fashion world (ah-ha!), says that Rihanna’s favorite band is, or at least used to be, Slipknot. Blanks Instagram’d a photo of himself and the pop singer from her Fenty clothing line’s new store in Paris, along with the following caption:

“The first time I met Rihanna, she told me her favourite band was Slipknot. SHE’s launching her fabulous new collection in Paris, but where are THEY now?”

Good call, Tim. No one cares about Slipknot anymore. That band was just a flash in the pan. A flash in the pan whose new music video got 4.7 million views in its first 24 hours of release. What a joke!

In Blank’s defense, he later claimed to be just joshin’ around. When a follower asked Blanks, “Are you asking where are Slipknot ? Seriously?,” Blanks replied, “Not really. I’m still a huge fan.”

Wait wait wait… Tim Blanks is a huge Slipknot fan? Who gives a flying fuck about Rihanna? Way to bury the lede, Timmy!

Kidding aside, Rihanna has shown at least some predilection for metal in the past: she’s sampled Metallica, worked with Slash, been spotted in merch for Judas Priest, Municipal Waste, and Krokus, and she even hired Mark Riddick to do some metallic designs for her. Plus, Slipknot are huge, and she would have been about 12 or 13 when they broke. So this isn’t that shocking.


The other big ‘Knot story of the day: in a new interview with Kerrang!, members of the band explain the origin and meaning of their new album’s title, We Are Not Your Kind. Corey Taylor admits that when he first wrote the line, as a lyric for “All Out Life,” he “didn’t think it would be anything more than a great chant at a concert.” But percussionist Shawn “Clown” Crahan says that as soon as the rest of the band heard the phrase, it was pretty much a lock for the title of their latest offering:

Once Corey dropped the lyrics and we heard that line in ‘All Out Life,’ it was like, ‘Nothing will top this.’ It pretty much engulfs what the whole thing is about, and it’s the best representation of everything that we need. Trying to find anything else would really be contrived, you know what I’m saying? It engulfs everything we are.”

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