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A Sh*tstain on the Ass of the Universe, #28: Lie or Liar

  • Axl Rosenberg

Lie or Liar

Ladies and germs, please meet Lie or Liar. They are really, truly, inarguably an impressive young band. To shove this many different terrible clichés from the rock music of the past fifteen years is a unique skill indeed, the same way not every woman is capable of doing DVDA. Pop-punk, nu-metal, bad cop/auto-tuned cop, breakdowns… they’re all here. Amazing.

What’s most impressive about the band, though, is that they have an invisible turntablist/keyboardist. The scientific applications are staggering. What I would do if I was this band was really play that gimmick up. Like, why stop with the DJ? I think the whole band should be invisible, don’t you?

My brain feels like it needs an enema.

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