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Corey Taylor Thinks This Is Why “All Out Life” Isn’t on the New Slipknot Album

  • Axl Rosenberg

When Slipknot released the super-funky-fresh song “All Out Life” last year, I think we all naturally assumed it would appear on the band’s eventual sixth album. And when that album’s title was revealed to be We Are Not Your Kind a few weeks back, that assumption seemed all but confirmed, because the very phrase “we are not your kind” is a lyric from — you guessed it! — “All Out Life.”

But if you actually bothered to look at that forthcoming release’s track list, you would have noticed that the song will actually not appear on We Are Not Your Kind. Personally, I never look at track lists unless it’s for a new Metallica album, because my feeling is that song titles don’t tell you jack shit about jack shit unless they contain the word “unforgiven” and a Roman numeral, in which case you can assume that the album in question will be hilarious. But my feeling was obviously wrong, because in this case I would have noticed the absence of “All Out Life.”

ANYWAY, why the heck are Slipknot leaving the song off the album? God’s Greatest Gift, Corey Taylor, explains to Kerrang!:

“[All Out Life isn’t on the album] from a standpoint of it was kind of its own thing that really just let people know that we weren’t gone, and that we were still looking forward and working on music. It was just such a catchy song that it made sense to release it. But now, in context with the story that we’re telling [on ‘We Are Not Your Kind’], we weren’t sure if we were going to put it on there.”

This might have seemed like kind of a bummer in 2000, when collecting all the new Slipknot songs in one place would have required burning a CD. Now, it’s just making a new playlist, so, like, whatever, I guess. I think the best way to look at it is like so: if the exclusion of “All Out Life” means the inclusion of another song, we now get extra new Slipknot music. Which is obviously terrific news. If only we got extra new masks to go along with it!!! OMG CAN YOU IMAGINE?!?!?!

Here’s the We Are Not Your Kind tracklist, if you wanna re-examine it for other clues:

  1. “Insert Coin”
  2. “Unsainted”
  3. “Birth of the Cruel”
  4. “Death Because of Death”
  5. “Nero Forte”
  6. “Critical Darling”
  7. “Liar’s Funeral”
  8. “Red Flag”
  9. “What’s Next”
  10. “Spiders”
  11. “Orphan”
  12. “My Pain”
  13. “Not Long for This World”
  14. “Solway Firth”

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