Amon Amarth Get Some Love on the Howard Stern Show


Friends of mine sometimes mention The Howard Stern Show in conversation, and my response is always a quizzical “That’s still a thing?” Not only is it still a thing, it turns out, but it’s still a huge thing. I’m just an out-of-touch asshole who lives in a city where people don’t drive and therefore don’t come into contact with SiriusXM. Then I mention metal to those same friends and they’re like “That’s still a thing?” and we’re even.

Where metal and Stern unite: it’s well-known in metal circles that one of the show’s personalities, Richard Christy, is a huge metalhead — he used to play in Death and Iced Earth and I believe still contributes to Charred Walls of the Damned when they’re active — and Christy recently invited fellow Stern personality J.D. Harmeyer to attend an Amon Amarth show. Harmeyer shared his experience on air, and needless to say, as is so often the case when normies attend metal shows, hearing him describe the concert is quite entertaining. You can watch the clip below, which includes a spirited description of Amon Amarth’s audience rowboat ritual as well as a Richard Christy growl-along.

Watch below. Turns out Howard Stern is still very much a thing.

[via Metal Injection]

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