Listen: Miley Cyrus Performs Nine Inch Nails’ “Head Like a Hole” on Black Mirror


The new season of near-future dystopian drama Black Mirror dropped via Netflix today, and with it has come a most unexpected musical surprise for metalheads: a Miley Cyrus cover of Nine Inch Nails’ classic track “Head Like a Hole.”

Miley makes an appearance in the third episode of the season, “Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too,” and performs the song live; from the looks of it, she plays the Ashley character on the episode. Cyrus allegedly had the blessing of Trent Reznor to perform the cover.

So, how is it? Well, it’s better than that Godawful version of the track Buckcherry put out last year, I’ll tell you that. It’s… fine. The cover takes some minor artistic liberties with the arrangement making it more rock than industrial, and Miley does an adequate job with the vocals. I won’t be coming back to listen to it any time soon, but I suppose the final verdict will be based on how it fits into the episode. We’ll see! Listen below.

Ghost Cult Mag reports that in the TV episode the singer belts alternate lyrics to Reznor’s iconic refrain, again with his blessing —  “Hey there, whoah-ho, I’m on a roll / Riding so high, achieving my goals / I’m so stoked on ambition and verve / I’m gonna get what I deserve” — but those new words didn’t make it into the version below.

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