Unsigned and Unholy: Fact Pattern, Dread Risks, The Tunnel


Are you into the recent industrial metal revival spearheaded by the likes of 3Teeth, Combichrist and, to some extent, the burgeoning synthwave scene? Line up for Fact Pattern, because you’ll absolutely love the band’s electronic-soaked take on metal, rife with all the bleeps, bloops, glitches and buzzsaw effects that marked the genre’s initial rise in the ’90s, done up here in a more modern production style.

Continuing with the industrial theme we have Dread Risks, who traffic in a much dirtier, darker and atmospheric brand than Fact Pattern. Dread Risks are more Youth Code / Author & Punisher than Nine Inch Nails, bringing a distinctly modern approach to the industrial metal canon rather than trafficking in nostalgia.

Closing out today’s shot of ’90s revivalism are The Tunnel, who deliver the kind of post-punk meets noise rock bands like Whores and Fight Amp have made a career of in recent years. “Membrane” should please anyone who grew up on AmRep — or who came to the sound later — with its angular riffing, stutter-step drums and snarky vocal delivery.

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