First Reviews of Danzig’s Feature Film: “A Misfire of the Highest Order”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Guys, I have decided we give Glenn Danzig too much shit. Not because the stuff he does is always awesome. But because the stuff he does is always entertaining. I mean, the dude is, technically, in the entertainment business right? And whether he’s inventing an entire new genre of extreme music, getting into the real estate biz, delivering sub-par product, or just being a prick, Glenn Danzig is always a hoot.

So. Last year, we learned that Mr. Danzig signed  a deal to write, direct, and compose music for an anthology movie based on his Verotik line of erotic horror comics, and I thought, “Gee, that sounds like it will be awful.”

Then, last month, it was announced that the movie, now called Verotika, would premiere as the June 13 opening night screening at Cinepocalypse, “Chicago’s premiere festival for electrifying and provocative genre cinema.” And that announcement came with the below still from the movie, and I thought, “Gee, that looks like it will be awful.”

First Reviews of Danzig’s Feature Film: “A Misfire of the Highest Order”

Well, as you may have noticed, June 13 was last night… and yes, the movie did debut. And according to A/V Club, guess what? It’s awful!

But — true to Glenn’s inability to be boring — the movie is apparently awful in a really fun way:

“‘Verotika,’ based on [Danzig’s] comics of the same name, played to a packed house, all of whom were eager to see what the frontman for several of the most iconic names in punk and metal had to offer the world of cinema. But within 10 minutes, the howling began. It was a deeply, powerfully, almost worryingly funny film, a misfire of the highest order—and as a post-screening Q&A with the director demonstrated, none of that was intentional.”

Worryingly funny! Holy shit!!!

The review goes on to compare Danzig to Tommy Wiseau, the infamously bizarre creator and star of The Room, which, again, is very high praise from a certain perspective. Bloody Disgusting also compares Verotika to The Room, and likens it to Ed Wood’s camp classic, Plan 9 from Outer Space, to boot.

Verotika could be a work of art that lives forever, although not for the reasons Danzig intended — it could be the Lulu of cinema! I am, with total sincerity, now 10,000,000% more interested in seeing this thing than I was before. Like, I’m not even sure I know what it means for something to be “worryingly funny,” but I sure as shit would like to find out!

Unfortunately, we don’t know when we’ll all be allowed to enjoy this apparently-life-changing experience, but the rest of the A/V Club and Bloody Disgusting reviews have a lot more details that are sure to put a smile on your face. Read ’em here and here.

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