Obituary Debut New Song “A Dying World”

  • Axl Rosenberg

If you’ve over the age of ten and not a total dumb dildo, you probably spend a lot of time worrying about climate change and how the world is more or less completely fucked. It’s stressful to think about, isn’t it? You could probably use something to take your mind off all that gloom n’ doom, huh?

Well, that something is not “A Dying World,” the new song from Obituary. As you can probably guess from the track’s title, it’s not exactly a song designed to instill feelings of reassurance. I can’t make out everything John Tardy is screaming, but the phrases “extinction” and “existential loss” come through loud on clear.

On the bright side, the song will definitely make you wanna mosh ’til your legs break, so there’s that.

Check out the track below! It’s the latest entry in the Adult Swim Singles program, in case the player didn’t give it away.

Obituary launch a tour Abbath, Midnight, and Devil Master in September. Dates are here.

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