Disturbed’s David Draiman Thinks Farts are Funny, and So Do You


Call it a MetalSucks Mitzvah Miracle: this site has posted three positive pieces about Disturbed frontman David Draiman in as many weeks! (here are the first two). Maybe those infamous chin piercings he finally removed freed his spirit to accept light, reason… and fart jokes.

Draiman, you see, despite his rockstar status, is still a man of the people: just like the rest of us, he thinks farts are fucking hilarious. Always were, always are, always will be. And so, when world-famous hand-farter Guy First performed his own patented rendition of “Down with the Sickness” for Draiman in person when Disturbed played Israel last week, Draiman just about lost his shit (pardon the pun). Because it’s fucking funny! Not to mention hella impressive. It’s no surprise that Devin Townsend found the same gag hilarious, but even the stoic Frenchmen in Gojira cracked some giggles when First squirted out his own flatulent version of “Flying Whales” in their presence.

Watch below and try not to laugh. On second thought, don’t resist… let it out!

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