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Shadows Fall Drummer: Band is “Waiting for the Right Time” for Reunion Shows


Shadows Fall drummer Jason Bittner, who now plays in Overkill, seems the band member most willing to dish when it comes to Shadows Fall reunion gossip. Several months ago he was refreshingly candid when asked why the band decided to go on hiatus some years back, saying “people stopped coming to see us” and surmising that they wore out their welcome. I’d agree with that assessment. But I’d also argue that by keeping such a low profile lately, the band’s value will only increase; if and when they decide to play some shows, they’ll be a pretty big deal.

About that: Bittner has once again commented on the matter on Twitter in response to a fan’s query, saying they’re “waiting for the right time” when the band members’ schedules all align (in addition to Bittner’s gig in Overkill, guitarists Jon Donais and Matt Bachand are now very busy in Anthrax and Act of Defiance, respectively). Not stated but implied in Bittner’s words is that reuniting is always on the table, and I, for one, would absolutely rock the fuck out at a Shadows Fall show! Maaaaaaaybe I’d even get in the pit.

Sez Bittner:

“We always chat dates but our schedules are just whack right now between Anthrax and Overkill both being active touring bands -we are trying, but we’re still waiting for the right time”

Something to look forward to in the future for Shads fans. Seems like it’ll happen eventually. Until then…

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