Shit That Comes Out Today: August 9th, 2019


It is Friday, my dudes. Whatever that means to you — whether it’s an excuse to get hammered, maybe the start of a much-needed weekend getaway, or even if it’s just another day of benign existence — we’ve got a compendium of the latest heavy tunes to keep you going. Oh, and happy new Slipknot day, maggots!

Shit That Comes Out Today: August 9th, 2019Phobia
Generation Coward (Willowtip)
FFO Feral, Napalm Death
Listen “Internet Tough Guy

Grindcore veterans Phobia have just unleashed Genertion Coward, an incredibly snarky release with song titles like “Haters Be Hatin When Ya Living Good” and “Internet Tough Guy.” It hits like a freight train, but at only 15 minutes long it’ll probably be over before the train even stops moving to deal with the carnage. Even more explosive is the production, bringing all the important sounds to the forefront so there’s nothing but pure, unbridled filth to be heard. It’s nothing terribly innovative, but it’s a fun, ferocious listen.

Shit That Comes Out Today: August 9th, 2019The Contortionist
Our Bones EP (eOne)
Listen “Early Grave

I was a huge fan of Clairvoyant when it came out back in 2017, and I still admire it as one of the greatest prog records of all time. To hold us out until their next full-length, The Contortionist unveiled a short, but incredibly diverse EP. Like their last record, Our Bones favors clean post-rock over their early metalcore sound, but there’s still moments of aggression to satisfy long-time fans. It’s by no means the strongest release from The Contortionist, but the tasteful instrumentation, heartfelt singing, and huge hooks still make for a very solid release. Every track is distinct and plays with future possibilities, including a ballad and even a love-it-or-hate-it cover of The Smashing Pumpkins’ “1979”, making me crave even more from the band and excitd to see what’s in store.

Shit That Comes Out Today: August 9th, 2019Horseburner
The Thief (Ripple)
FFO Baroness, Mastodon
Listen “The Fishermen’s Vow

Fitting in snugly among Ripple’s curated discography, Horseburner’s The Thief is a compelling psych-doom exploration of molten riffs and dazzling artistry. Crushing, experimental sludge gives way to classical guitar and vocal harmonies, with the dynamic give and take that pushes Horeburner above the rest. Also, I’d like a 10’x10’ framed copy of that cover art, please.

Shit That Comes Out Today: August 9th, 2019Pathology
Reborn to Kill (Pavement)
Listen “The Beast Within

There’s no question that Pathology are one of the best brutal death metal bands around. (and, hot take: one of the only good ones.) Their tenth record in only 13 years, Reborn to Kill will leave you with blunt force trauma of the most excruciating kind. As one would expect, the record plows through a putrid wasteland via means of disgustingly heavy slam riffs, but this time around, there’s some interesting old-school elements that give it a different vibe than Pathology’s previous works. One of my favorite things about Pathology are the nasty solos that come and go in the blink of an eye, and Reborn to Kill’s got plenty of ‘em. It’ll probably leave you wanting a bit more, but is that such a bad thing?

Shit That Comes Out Today: August 9th, 2019Slipknot
We Are Not Your Kind (Roadrunner)
Listen “Solway Firth

I’ve been waiting for this day for so long… not because I’m excited to write about Slipknot, but because I’m excited for it to finally be over. I hope. There’s at least a couple things I could say about We Are Not Your Kind, but wouldn’t you rather know What Corey Taylor Thinks™ about it? At one point he said that it’s their best since Volume Three, so that’s something. “This album musically, I could put between Volume Three and Iowa easily. But yet it can stand on its own. You know? It’s another step in the chapter that we’re trying to create, basically.“ It sounds like Slipknot, but it’s managed to not be completely boring and stale. If nothing else, it proves that the band are still growing and making an effort to stay fresh two decades into their career.


Anna Pest – The Ocean Calls Me Home (N/A) listen
Ardours – Last Place On Earth (Frontiers) listen
Destruction – Born To Perish (Nuclear Blast) listen
Endless Voyage X – Opaque (Acephale Winter) listen
Fishslaughter – Morfar (N/A) listen
Frantic Amber – Bellatrix (GMR) listen
Hemina – Night Echoes (N/A) listen
Iku-Turso – Storm over Isengard (N/A) listen
PhosphorusXV – Corruptu Sanguis: As I Enter My Shadowed Coffin (N/A) listen
Primitive Race – Cranial Matter (N/A) listen
Riot V – Live In Japan DVD/CD (AFM) listen
Roxy Blue – Roxy Blue (Frontiers) listen
Soleil Moon – Warrior (Frontiers) listen
Sparrows – Failed Gods (Sound Anxiety) listen
Spread Eagle – Subway To The Stars (Frontiers) listen
Strappado – Exigit Sincerae Devotionis Affectus (Comatose) listen
Strung Out – Songs Of Armor and Devotion (Fat Wreck Chords) listen
Suicidal Angels – Years Of Aggression (NoiseArt) listen
Tau Cross – Messengers Of Deception (Relapse) listen ********
Trench Warfare – Hatred Prayer (Transcending Obscurity) listen
Artificial Void (Long Branch) listen
Vermin Scourge – Triumphant Savagery (Deathcamp) listen
Zombie Apocalypse – Life Without Pain is a Fucking Fantasy (Innerstrength) listen


Filter –Title Of Record (20th Anniversary Edition) (Craft) listen
Touché Amoré – …To The Beat Of A Dead Horse (10th Anniversary Edition) (Vinyl) (N/A) listen
Ulver – Bergtatt – Et Eeventyr I 5 Capitler (Vinyl) (Century Media) listen
Ulver – Kveldssanger (Vinyl) (Century Media) listen
Ulver – Nattens Madrigal – Aatte Hymne Til Ulven I Manden (Vinyl) (Century Media) listen


Osi And The Jupiter – Grå Hest (Eisenwald) listen

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