How Musicians Can Fight Addiction


If you were young during the ’90s, you’ll no doubt remember the hard-partying stereotypes about musicians and actors. Many of the conveniences and pleasures of modern life were open only to celebrities, and rumors about great roaring parties, decadent food, everflowing alcohol and sexual promiscuity were abound in the lives of rock and pop stars. These professions provoked some doubt, and society was eager to discuss the life of famous people.

A lot of art from the era depicted the lives of famous artists, musicians and TV stars, and if you’ve ever seen the films depicting the excesses of those times, you’ll agree that the lifestyle described is far from healthy, in contrast to how celebrities nowadays preach healthfulness and awareness. Time flows, habits change.

Musicians do not have stated office hours. They might work more than 24 hours without rest or sleep, just one of the reasons why they try to find something that will ease their life. They need something to feel good.

Which Addictions Can Celebrities Acquire?

– Addiction to Marijuana

Nowadays, a wide variety of drugs is available all over the world. Marijuana is one of the most popular ones because it provides an enjoyable high but it isn’t the worst in terms of adverse consequences. Although the government tries to limit the use and distribution of marijuana in many parts of the world, people still find some illegal ways of obtaining it. Some entertainment companies, before allowing a new signing to execute a contract, are asking stars to pass a drug test in an effort to keep them on track and performing their job at the highest level.

– Addiction to Alcohol

Together with marijuana, alcohol use is notorious among celebrities. All kinds of alcohol, such as rum, wine, vodka, cider and whiskey differ in taste and effect. Depending on personal preferences, musicians consume different kinds of alcohol. Sometimes they even include it in their riders, and many scandals appear in the media about their addictions. In terms of danger, alcohol addiction is easier to identify. It usually isn’t as dangerous as drug addiction, although its effects can quickly destroy the life of someone who abuses it.

– Addiction to Nicotine

One of the oldest addictions is smoking tobacco. Nicotine is quite dangerous because it comes along with harmful tars and other extracts. Being addicted to cigarettes doesn’t seem as critical as harder drugs, but it puts people at risk of such severe diseases as cancer, emphysema, impaired ability to give birth, etc. However, even knowing these facts, people continue smoking — or using it in the form of liquids or other extracts via vaporizers — and the industry makes money.

Why Does Addiction Appear?

People tend to accustom themselves to different harmful things, whether it’s marijuana, nicotine, computer games or TV series. Sometimes people start using illicit substances to escape from reality such as problems at work, at home with their families or in their personal lives. For musicians, the stressors of being on tour away from the comforts of home and their loved ones, as well as the boredom of the road, can inspire substance abuse.

Getting into a more technical explanation, elements such as THC stimulate certain cells in our brains that cause pleasure. Some senses become dull while others sharpen. This is why a detox from long-term nicotine, alcohol, or marijuana use is such a painful and lengthy process.

What are the Ways of Fighting Addiction?

No matter which substance you are addicted to, the first step to recovery is a conscious understanding of the problem. If you feel you are addicted, try abstaining for a certain period of time as a test. If you then understand that you cannot cope with your addiction yourself, it’s better to consult a doctor. The best way to detox from THC, nicotine, or alcohol addiction is under the oversight of doctors.

Checking in to an inpatient recovery program might not be convenient for a musician with a rigorous schedule. In these cases, there are special recovery programs which allow you minimum presence at an inpatient facility. If you are interested in that kind of treatment, you can take a recovery course at home. Programs where family or friends are incorporated are becoming quite popular; social activities with loved ones help both in terms of psychological and therapeutic effects, giving the person in recovery a feeling of support, an understanding that they won’t be neglected, and that their family shares in their feelings and fears, allowing for re-establishing family connections. These kinds of interactions create a warmer atmosphere for recovery, creating an environment in which patients don’t feel that they are different or somehow excluded from society.

If you see that you have started using excessive amounts of cannabis, alcohol or any other substance, it’s better to stop and analyze the possible consequences (loss of health, family, work, money, etc.). If you aren’t sure that you can cope with addiction on your own, consult a doctor or visit a specialized rehab center. Professional help might be needed even for the most famous and popular musicians — especially so — with anonymity guaranteed. With modern technology, you can also avoid staying check in to a rehab 24/7. Rehab has come a long way since the ’90s, with much better customization and personalization for every individual’s needs.

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