Right Now: Watch Fred Durst and John Travolta’s The Fanatic with MetalSucks


The most highly anticipated film of the year is here!

Following its release to rave reviews and a historic gross at the box office last weekend, The Fanatic, the new movie from director Fred Durst (Limp Bizkit, this eHarmony commercial) and John Travolta (The Experts, Wild Hogs) is now available on VOD. And we’re gonna watch it! And make fun of it while we do! And you can join us!!!

We’re streaming the entire movie on our Twitch channel right now, with running audio commentary from MetalSucks’ own Vince Neilstein, Axl Rosenberg, and Chino Wongeno. Watch below, or just head to directly to our Twitch channel!

Watch live video from MetalSucks on www.twitch.tv

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