Stream Boris’s New Album, LφVE & EVφL, Right Now


Japanese drone metal band Boris have broken a three-year silence with their new album LφVE & EVφL.

Boris have been around since 1992 and they’ve been breaking down the boundaries of heavy music ever since, deliberately avoiding associating with any specific music style, opting instead to explore their own version of heavy metal. Their music is an unpredictable fusion of metal genres with influences from noise, drone, garage rock, extreme metal and everything in between. The Japanese trio believes that refusing to define their music allows them to explore and express themselves in the truest way possible.

LφVE & EVφL is the band’s first album since reaching their 25-year landmark as a band. Fans will be happy to know that the seven-track affair is as experimental and explosive as Boris have always been. Boris have become synonymous with fusing genres into overpowering soundscapes, and their live shows are a treat to all the senses, featuring hypnotizing lighting and billowing smoke.

The album’s first single, “LφVE”, is a musically diverse track that is as experimental as the band have ever been, slow and sludgy while still dark and heavy. The vocal style is eery and brings a level of creepiness to the track, while the drone influence is clear and the overall sound is explosively dark. The track is accompanied by an equally experimental new music video, which you can watch below along with the full album stream.

LφVE & EVφL is out now via Third Man Records and can be ordered here. The album was accompanied by the re-release of two of their previous records, Feedbacker and Akuma no Uta.

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