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Chris Brown Thinks Municipal Waste are a Fashion Statement


R&B star and Rihanna-beater Chris Brown has taken one last stab at his fledgling career: a complete metal makeover.

Not really. But get a load of this: Brown was spotted at Tru Hollywood Nightclub in Los Angeles earlier this month wearing a spiked leather jacket adorned with patches of metal and hardcore bands. Municipal Waste’s logo is front and center, as are the well-known logos of The Exploited, Cro-Mags and Excel. The jacket is a custom item made by DNA Fashion Designs, meaning Brown actually had to order this thing (or, more likely, he just picked it out because he thought it looked cool). I wonder what’s on this back of this jacket? Would laugh so hard if it was the gigantic DRI back-patch pictured here.

Likelihood that Chris Brown has heard any music of any of the bands on this jacket: 0%

Likelihood that Chris Brown has even heard of any of the bands on this jacket: 1% (Cro-Mags, MAYBE)

Likelihood that Chris Brown looks like a complete fucking jackass for wearing this jacket: 100%

Likelihood that everyone Chris Brown talked to that night also hadn’t heard of any of the bands but thought his jacket was cool: 95% (… sigh…)

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