Mors Principium Est’s Andy Gillion + Jeff Loomis + 66Samus Team Up on New Track “Skyless”


One need not dig deep into the catalogue of melodeath masters Mors Principium Est to realize that the Finnish act is one of the very best in the genre. Multi-instrumentalist Andy Gillion is the man behind much of that madness, and he’s stepped out on his own for a solo album set to drop later this fall (don’t worry, he’s not leaving Mors Principium Est and they haven’t broken up).

On the album’s debut single, “Skyless,” Gillion has enlisted the help of Decrepit Birth drummer / YouTube madman / dildo wielder 66Samus (Samus Paulicelli) and Arch Enemy guitarist Jeff Loomis for some assists. Not that he needs much help, as you’ll see from watching the playthrough, but having those two cats in the picture is a surefire way to add some pizzazz to any piece of music. Predictably, the results are magnificent, so hit play below and find out for yourself.

Gillion’s solo record Neverafter comes out on November 15; pre-order here.

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