Mayhem Debut New Song “Falsified & Hated”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Fun fact I bet you didn’t know about Mayhem: all six of the band’s current members — Necrobutcher, Hellhammer, Attila, Teloch, Ghul, and Gesundheit — were voted “Class Clown” in their respective high school yearbooks. Weird, right?

Still, it would help explain why their new single, “Falsified & Hated,” is such a laff riot. Like, around the 3:10 mark, when Attila croons “Ach!/ [unintelligible]/ Ach!/ [unintelligible].” I nearly pissed myself laughing. Such urbane wit!

Treat yourself to some yuks and check out “Falsified & Hated” below. Mayhem’s new album, Daemon, comes out October 25 on Century Media. Pre-orders are here.

Oh right also Necrobutcher recently claimed that he was on his way to murder Euronymous when Varg Vikernes beat him to it. Like I said — such comedians!

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