Green Jellÿ Knock on Deadbeat Show Promoter’s Door to Get Paid: “Little Pig, Little Pig, Let Me In”


“Little pig, little pig, let me in,” shouts Green Jellÿ vocalist Bill Manspeaker as he knocks on a door in London, Ontario, quoting a line from his own band’s most famous song, “Three Little Pigs.” The door in question leads to a residence inhabited by a local show promoter, Marcus, the video shot by Manspeaker himself on the morning of Friday, November 8. Marcus had stiffed the band their guarantee for the previous night’s show at Old East 765, jetting from the venue without saying a word and refusing to answer phone calls and texts, so the band tracked down his home address the next morning to collect.

After initially knocking on a couple of wrong doors, Green Jellÿ found their man, and what follows is a profanity-filled, 13-minute video in which the band shake down the promoter to get paid. Manspeaker manages to get Marcus out of his home and into the band’s vehicle where he continuously berates the guy in close quarters for his scumbag behavior, after which they eventually arrive back at the venue where Marcus promises its owner will bail him out. Unfortunately we don’t get to see cash being handed over, so we certainly hope this story had a satisfactory resolution.

Watch the video below via, of all places, World Star Hip Hop.

UPDATE, 12:25pm EST: Drummer Rob Gabriele, shown in the video in the front seat of the car, has contacted MetalSucks with an update on how things ended: “In the end he came up with less than half of what was owed and the band accepted that. We offered him a ride home and shook his hand offering to come back again for a properly-done show at a full advance pay.”

[via Ghost Cult Mag]

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