Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross… Won a Country Music Association Award… for “Old Town Road”


If any metal or metal-adjacent musicians are ever going to EGOT, it is clearly going to be Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. Shit, they’re already half-way there (Reznor has three Grammys, one of which he shares with Ross, with whom he also shares an Oscar). And if you were to change EGOT to EGOC – the “C” being a Country Music Association Award — then they’d be three-fourths of the way there!

Yessir, you read that correctly: the Nine Inch Nails masterminds are now the proud owners of a Country Music Association Award… which they won in a kinda funny, very roundabout way.

As you may recall, Lil Nas X’s record-breaking megahit, “Old Town Road,” features a banjo sample from the Nine Inch Nails song “34 Ghosts IV,” thus giving Reznor and Ross a credit on the track. Meanwhile, “Old Town Road” also features vocals by Billy Ray Cyrus, thus making it eligible for a Country Music Association Award. Thus, when the song won in the category of Musical Event of the Year, Reznor and Ross became Country Music Association Award winners.

I have no idea if these guys will ever win a Tony — I mean, a Nine Inch Nails musical isn’t entirely out of the question in this day and age — but they will most definitely be eligible for the next round of Emmys, thanks to their top-notch score for HBO’s Watchmen. EGOC, here they come!

[via The PRP]

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