Abbath Got Too Drunk, Show Cut Short


Update, 1:22 p.m.: Abbath has officially cancelled the remainder of his South American tour. Read his statement on the matter here. The original story follows below.

Argentinian Abbath fans are understandably angry after the Immortal frontman was forced to cut short a local show last night (November 13)… reportedly because he was too drunk to perform.

According to El Culto, problems began when admission into Club Palermo in Buenos Aires was delayed by nearly two hours, resulting in support acts Descarnado and Medium having to play abbreviated sets of just several minutes apiece. In case there was any doubt that something was amiss, when Abbath himself finally took the stage, he did so with bassist Mia Wallace and drummer Ukri Suvilehto… but without guitarist Ole André Farstad, with whom Abbath is rumored to have had “a strong discussion” (read: an argument) before the performance. The trio then attempted to begin the song “Count the Dead” three times before “Abbath threw the guitar to the ground” and “threw himself on the crowd.” Curateldelmetal.com reports that the band then tried to play the track “Tyrants” before Abbath finally retreated to his dressing room.

Fan-filmed video from the concert (below) shows the legendary black metal musician behaving in an erratic manner which would certainly suggest that he was, indeed, intoxicated.

Making matters worse, angry fans, apparently in search of a refund, were ultimately caught up in “several violent events.” Details are sketchy right now, but video below shows multiple concertgoers being assaulted by local police after the show.

Abbath has not yet addressed the incident. He was scheduled to appear tonight at Patagonia Metal Fest in Comodoro Rivadavia, but the promoter announced the cancellation of that performance just an hour ago, going so far as to say it’s entirely possible the remainder of Abbath’s current Latin American tour will be called off.

We will update this story as it continues to develop.

Thanks: Ranpal C.

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