Enlarge Ghost photo credit: Thargol via Wikimedia Commons. Dave Grohl photo credit: Andreas Lawen via Wikimedia Commons

Ghost’s Tobias Forge Comments on Dave Grohl Collaboration Rumors


Rumors that Dave Grohl is an undercover writer for Ghost, or occasionally performs under one of the Nameless Ghoul masks, have long followed the band. But in a new interview with Loudwire, band leader Tobias Forge put those rumors to bed, stating that Grohl’s contributions to the band’s 2013 EP, If You Have Ghost, on which he played drums and guitar, are his only official connections to the band. Grohl has served “as an inspiration, not much more than that,” Forge said, before adding, “Of course, Foo Fighters have been very supportive fans and took us out on the road, but nothing more than that. He’s not been sort of involved in other records, if that is what people are thinking.”

Earlier this month, Forge revealed Ghost will record one song in January 2020 for an unspecified project, after which they’ll begin writing and recording the band’s next album in earnest. He plans to release that album at some point after the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

[via Blabbermouth]

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