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Video: Dave Grohl Shotguns a Beer with a Fan On Stage


In recent years I’ve seen some backlash to the generally agreed upon truism that Dave Grohl is Rock’s Coolest Guy Ever. Bull-poopy! It’s not an act, a put-on or a sham, Dave Grohl isn’t secretly an asshole, and it isn’t a strategy concocted in some record label boardroom… Grohl really is that guy. He wants to hang out. He is one of you. He enjoys drinking and bullshitting. He just happens to be a rock star also!

I’ve witnessed Grohl make countless fans happy with a simple act of gratitude or friendliness (including serving over a hundred people BBQ he’d smoked by hand for HOURS), and the same thing happened this weekend at the Intersect festival in Las Vegas, where he pulled a fan up on stage and invited the fan to shotgun a beer along with him. How exactly he zeroed in on the Santa hat-wearing Foos fan isn’t clear, but all involved looked to be having a great time — including the audience — after which Grohl quipped into the mic, “Good thing that was a light beer.” Grohl wiped his face clean with the man’s Santa hat, ensuring that fan will have a souvenir forever (don’t wash it, dude!).

Watch below! And just accept Grohl’s fate as Best Dude Ever and get on with life.

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