Completely Unreadable Band Logo of the Week

Completely Unreadable Band Logo of the Week: Win a Grab Bag of Metal Goodies!


So hey guess what? None of you jerks figured out our most recent logo! I even left it up a week longer than normal with the hope that someone would finally nail it. Nope. Didn’t happen. Your mother and I are very disappointed in you.

So now I’m gonna put that logo in my back pocket and we’ll try again at a later date. In the meantime… I still have a killer grab bag of metal goodies to give away! What’s in it, you ask? CDs? Books? Metal band bottle openers and other assorted knick-knacks? I’m not telling… but trust me, you’ll dig it!

To win, simply identify the name of the band whose logo appears below, then fill out the form beneath it with your guess and your name and address. From everyone who gets it right, we’ll randomly select one winner and announce his or her name next week.

Here’s this week’s logo. Best of luck, friends!!!

Unreadable Band Logo Contest

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