Marilyn Manson Teasing New Album?

  • Axl Rosenberg

A cryptic message posted on social media has lead to speculation that Marilyn Manson is teasing his next album.

Featuring an image that resembles both sound waves and the shock rocker’s initials, the message reads “Omnes surdus es et nunc audite me” — Latin for “All deaf and now you hear me.”

Somewhat more confusing are the accompanying hashtags, which reference…

What the hell do all of these things have to do one another… or Manson’s new album? Is he covering a track from Born Again? Did he re-record “Little Horn”? Why quote the second John Wick movie when Manson’s song “Killing Strangers” appeared in the first John Wick movie? If there’s an obvious connection, please do share it in the comments section. Otherwise I guess we’ll just hafta wait and see what Manson does next… he was supposed to be touring with Ozzy Osbourne this summer, but that’s not happening anymore, so he’ll have plenty more time to confuse with us with more Instagram posts.

[via The PRP]

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