Testament’s Chuck Billy Says He’s Recovering From Coronavirus


Earlier this week, we learned that Testament frontman Chuck Billy, his wife, Tiffany, and “some crew members” in the band’s employ have all tested positive for COVID-19.

Now, in a new interview with The Metal Voice, Billy describes what it felt like to come down with the virus… and, thankfully, says he’s starting to feel better.

Of his initial symptoms and the realization that he was sick, Billy said:

“My body just ached: headaches, achy, wiped out. At first, I thought it was just jet lag and travelling, but then it came on like you knew you were sick – and it didn’t really let up. It was just a lot of not sleeping. 

“I really didn’t get the fever, just the coughing and the headaches and being tired. And then we got to take our test. We did the drive-through test, where you roll down your window, they swab you and you’re on your way. It takes seven days to get your results. 

“So, from the day we got tested until getting the results, we started feeling better – still not sick, but definitely that headache and the tiredness and achy and just feeling really bad was starting to go away.”

Billy went on to say that he was “huffing and puffing” just from walking to his bathroom. Fortunately, he believes he is now on the mend:

 “It didn’t get any worse. We just kind of chilled, we weren’t over-exerting ourselves. We really just took it easy and got a lot of rest.

“It all depends on how your body reacts and your health. My wife and I feel like we’re in pretty good health. Right away, we isolated ourselves, quarantined and just haven’t left and we’re just riding it out and feeling better as the days go on. 

“I think today was probably our most active day. We’re up and out, trying to get out and do some things, where before, we were just shut down, stuck on the couch.”

We’re relieved to hear Chuck is doing better! Hopefully Testament’s crew members are also starting to feel better.

You can listen to the entire interview below. Testament’s new album, Titans of Creation, comes out on April 3.

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