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Dani Filth Says He’d Like Cradle of Filth Shirts Sold at Walmart, Names Newer Black Metal Bands He Likes


It’s hard to imagine a world in which a shirt bearing the infamous phrase “Jesus is a Cunt” is sold at a politically correct, God-fearing institution like Walmart, but just a few years ago it was inconceivable they’d stock Cannibal Corpse, Mayhem or even Metallica merch, which are all totally things now. So, why the hell not?

Cradle of Filth frontman Dani Filth says he’d be all for it. In a new chat with Metal Hammer, Filth mentioned Asda, a British supermarket chain owned by the Walmart company, saying:

“I went into Asda the other day and they’ve got Kiss, Pink Floyd and AC/DC shirts in there now. It’s like Walmart in the States, that shop is made for tour because they’re huge and they have everything, even Misfits and limited-edition Star Wars stuff.

“I’d be very happy if they started selling Cradle shirts. I’m not finicky and it has to be said that the money would be good…”

Indeed, the money would be stellar: can you imagine all the edgy Midwestern teens hanging out at the local Walmart who’d spring for that shirt? Shit, this is a band who padded their bank accounts with Hot Topic money for years, so they’re no strangers to the phenomenon.

Elsewhere in the chat, Filth shared his thoughts on the modern black metal scene. And, somewhat surprisingly for a musician of his stature and age, he’s paying at least some attention to what’s going on, name-checking black-gaze outfit Alcest as a newer band he’s a fan of (even if they’re not all that new anymore):

“It’s OK. It’s not as complicated as it once was. I think everybody’s branched out and experimented. When the scene first started in 1991-1992, everyone was doing very different things anyway; bands like Necromantia and Moonspell, you didn’t have guitarists, you had three bass players. There were a lot of different styles going on back then and I think now people are doing very much the same thing, but there’s less constraints now.

“There’s a few bands revising the old style like Immortal, but on the other hand, there’s great bands like Alcest doing black shoegaze who I absolutely love.

“The new Deathspell Omega album is incredible, there’s new bands like Craft who did one of my favorite albums last year, White Noise and Black Metal. The manacles were put on the scene for a long time and the fans demanded it had to be kvlt, which is something we’ve always rebelled against and I’m glad people share that view now.”

Will someone please inform Dani that the main guy in Deathspell Omega is a notorious white supremacist asshole? Other than that, though, good work paying attention, dude!

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